Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Review - Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette

By now everyone should have heard about the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush powders. The palette came out about this time last year and is a limited edition. Although this palette came out last year in the States and everywhere else in the world, it only recently became available in Australia. If you are looking for this, it is available at Mecca for $76. But hurry up - when I went to my local store last week, it was already sold out..

Monday, 1 December 2014

Purple Hair Don't Care..

For the last few weeks, I have been obsessed with Victoria, of Inthefrow's hair and last week, I finally took the plunge...

Armed with photos of Victoria, I went to my appointment with my hairdresser to discuss what going purple would entail for me. As you probably don't know, I have quite dark hair, that is very processed - I haven't seen my natural hair colour in years, and have had a lot done to my hair - in the last 18 months alone, I've had really dark chocolate brown hair, auburn hair, bright red hair and lastly ash brown hair with blonde foils.
This meant that going purple wasn't going to be easy for me. The first thing I was told was that Victoria's colour wasn't achievable for me. I would have to lighten my hair all the way to white to even have a chance of going that colour and after being bleached that much, there was no guarantee that my hair would even hold the colour - which meant that I could have been stuck with white hair!!
Needless to say that I agreed with Jodie and decided that that was too much of a risk.
We finally decided that I would get a whole headful of foils as that would be easier to control and then once we saw the state of my hair after the bleach, we would decide on the shade of purple I could have.
Since I have dark hair, it was also decided that an ombre effect would be better as it would best disguise the regrowth. So after the foils got taken off, Jodie applied a violet colour on my roots and a purple temporary fashion colour on the rest of my hair. Our hope was that my hair would hold on to that temporary colour as the follicles were quite open after the bleach. I have to admit, I love the finished product. These photos don't really make it justice as it's showing the purple to be quite pinky, but it;s not quite like that. It definitely pulls toward the pink due to the violet in the roots, but it isn't quite as pink as the photos makes it out to be.  All up, going purple took 7 hours..
When I was researching all things purple, I couldn't find anyone talking about the process it would entail so I thought I'd write this to help anyone else out there who might be thinking of taking the plunge. I have to admit, this was not cheap so make sure that you definitely, absolutely want to go that colour as the maintenance will also be quite rigorous.

Of course, after all the colour and whatnot that went in my hair to achieve this colour, I was told that I needed to get products that would be quite moisturising for my hair to stop them from being even more damaged. Jodie recommended the Pureology line and I settled on the Super Smooth products, hoping that it would help reduce the amount of heat I'd be applying to my hair. I have also been using the Colour Fanatic, which according to the bottle is a "Multi-tasking hair beautifier for perfecting colour-treated hair". It has 21 essential benefits and also and antipode complex which I need to hopefully maintain my colour a little white longer. Another thing I like about all Pureology products is that they are 100% vegan.