Monday, 30 March 2015

Nude MAC Lipsticks for Autumn

Left to Right - Brave, Velvet Teddy
The wet weather in Perth lately has reminded me that Autumn is just around the corner. This means that I need to update my makeup collection! Let's start with lipsticks - the two that have made the cut so far are MAC Lipsticks Brave and Velvet Teddy.

Top to Bottom: Velvet Teddy, Brave

I find that in autumn, a nude lip is the way to go. I'm never sure if a bright lipstick is appropriate or not.. If it is really sunny outside, I might venture out with a bright lip, but mostly, I'll use nudes. Nudes are also perfect for me for the autumn and winter months as I'm not a big fan of dark lip colours. I will wear them from time to time, but nudes are where it's at for me, other than reds of course.

Velvet Teddy, which is the top colour above has a matte finish. It is slightly more brown than Brave which is a pinky nude and has a satin finish. I find that Velvet Teddy is the perfect colour for an evening out. You can add a layer of gloss to make it shinier or leave it as is for a more sophisticated look. Brave is perfect as an everyday lipstick. The satin finish helps hide if your lips are slightly chapped and it is an easy colour to reapply without a mirror. It can also be used for an evening out and will look particularly striking with a bold smoky eye.

What are your favourite lipsticks for this Autumn/Winter?

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